"World's Sexiest Computer Hacker" To Be Sentenced In April

Bangalore: Kristina Svechinskaya, dubbed as the ‘worlds sexiest hacker’ for her raunchy, but casual appearance who was the “money mule” in stealing $3 million from U.S. banks and approximately $9 million from British banks has had her sentencing postponed to April, reports BI.

Svechinskaya, along with 37 others is alleged of using fake passports, dummy accounts and a Trojan virus, which monitored key strokes in order to steal passwords. The group then used the passwords to steal at least $2 million a month, said an FBI report.

According to the original FBI report, “Svechinskaya has allegedly opened at least five accounts under her own name and under the aliases "Anastasia Opokina" and "Svetlana Makarova" at Bank of America and Wachovia, into which over $35,000 was fraudulently deposited, affecting three victims, and from which approximately $11,000 was successfully withdrawn.”

However, according to the reports, Svechinskaya was not a key player in the fraud. A student of New York University, she entered the group following her ability to get hold of fake passports and connections to hacker/techie culture, and obviously, the charisma, that helped her to perform operations under alias.

Svechinskaya’s sentencing was first set to January 11, which got postponed to March 1 and now to April 11. She faces upto 40 years in prison.

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