Windows Phone Celebrates Apple's Patent Victory

Windows Phone Celebrates Apple's Patent Victory

Bangalore: The verdict in the Apple-Samsung patent trial ended up in the favour of Apple. The court has awarded Apple $1.049 billion. No doubt this is a great time for the tech giant, but there is one more company who is celebrating this victory – Microsoft.

The verdict to a large extent says that Samsung is just a proxy. No doubt Apple couldn’t bear this and filed a suit against it. Also earlier Steve Jobs famously said that he was willing to declare “thermonuclear war” over what he saw as stealing of the iPhone’s design.

Samsung will definitely appeal but all the companies using Android in their phones are going to be much more nervous now fearing that they too could be dragged to the court by Apple over patent infringement issues. Luckily there’s another major platform in the smartphone market whose “look and feel” isn’t anything like that of Apple’s iOS, and is practically guaranteed not to get sued by Apple – that is Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

Windows Phone is extremely attractive and with the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft will unite its desktop/tablet and phone operating systems with shared code. That means it’s going to be very easy for developers to make apps that work across all Windows machines. Also, the Windows Phones get good reviews by consumers.

This victory of Apple has definitely come as a bad news for the Android platform. Though it is just Samsung and a few specific features and patents, it is also the biggest victory yet in a war Apple is waging against Android. For any manufacturer that doesn’t want to lose the market, Microsoft promises protection with its Windows 8 platform.