Why Web Developers need more than HTML 5

Bangalore: Web developers have hailed HTML 5 as the next hero of their field, and especially since it has the potential to unify the different protocols and standards brought in by native development platforms. The struggle between native apps and HTML 5 is something that has always plagued the field of development, especially when almost every site has an app for its own. But would it make more sense to run a concoction of architectures that support mobile delivery?

The question calls for web developers to rethink the technologies they use, according to a report from CNET. Bruno Fernandez-Ruizanswer, the technical and strategic direction of Yahoo's cloud and platform team believes that the answer lies in combining HTML 5 with various technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTTP, and JavaScript so that developers can use similar code to try and make apps compatible on more than one platform.

Yahoo, betting along the same lines as Ruizanswer, has developed an application development platform that would help improve app programming tools, make sure Web apps are able to run on all devices and operating systems, called Yahoo Cocktails.

Here are the 5 problematic areas that native-only and HTML 5-only development face as stated in CNET’s report:

1. Security: Web programming languages HTML and JavaScript were not designed to run code from multiple applications on the same page or frame. However, developers went on to adopt this practice which gave way to a Web vulnerability known as cross-site scripting. Yahoo has attempted to tackle this problem according to Ruizanswer, with the use of isolated application modules in the Yahoo User Interface Library (YUI).