This New App Lets You Turn Your Selfies Into Emojis

WASHINGTON: A new smartphone app allows you to turn your selfies or other images into textable emojis you can send to your friends.

The app, called Imoji, allows users to choose a pic from the web or phone, or take one.

They can eliminate the background with a Photoshop eraser-like tool and save the photo.

Combine your love for selfies with your love for emoji with Imoji, a new San Francisco-based app that lets you turn any real image into an emoji. Including your face

The photo can then be dragged into the middle of the screen and users can send their personalised emojis to friends, 'Gizmodo' reported.

"Imoji makes your texts more you," according to the app's website.

Users can also choose to make a sticker private, or allow to make it public for others to use in their own conversations.

Users can also search through a pre-existing selection of stickers.

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Source: PTI