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These Countries Are Enemies of Internet

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 13 March 2012, 12:21 Hrs   |    3 Comments
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Bangalore: Internet censorship has been an issue that has been made very prominent in recent times, especially with the SOPA and PIPA having faced opposition. Most people used to using the web find life without it extremely difficult, but a list of countries, called “Enemies of the Internet” was made by Reporters without Borders, (an agency that advocates the freedom of the press). These countries shut websites down, persecute those who use the internet to inform others, and even refuse to provide their citizens with the infrastructure to access the net.

The 11 countries that made it to Reporters without Borders list persecute bloggers and repress the media. A number of journalists and "netizens" remain jailed, according to the report. March 2011, according to the organization saw the peak of internet censorship because of the Arab Spring and other such revolts like it that showed the power of the Internet as a tool of protest and self-expression.

Read on to know which countries are this year’s Enemies of the Internet.

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Reader's comments(3)
1: freedom anywhere does not really exist. some of us can roam a bit more freely, but that's it. gov., media lie, cheat, are corrupt everywhere. some countries suffer a little less with corruption but then again have democratic b.s. like political correct behavior control that is immoral or apolitically incorrect.

and what about democratic taxes? we bail out banks that still screw us. we bail out the auto industry when Ford proved them all wrong. we react in fear instead of act with intelligence. we believe in propaganda as much as the 3rd world. we believe in uneducated presidential clowns like Bush & womd, or in extremely violent actors like Reagan & StarWars. we find it more moral for Bush to invade 4 countries that drive any soldier so mad as we saw this week when 1 ass killed an entire family for nothing, yet we find it immoral for pres. Clinton to get a single blow job. back to taxes, it's evil - we pay & pay & pay from our hard-earned money yet never are asked for it or thanked; we never consent to all the wrong causes it's used for and they're asking increasingly for more.

in democracies you get punished just as much. in usa for instance, you don't pay a parking ticket & can go to jail, yet a murderer gets out on bail after a few months.

freedom is an earthly illusion...
Posted by:millereves - 14 Mar, 2012
2: the democratic free country of usa is not exactly censorship-free. soap & pipa are totally disgusting, not to mention we're being tapped, listened to & watched no less than under communism or "1984"...
Posted by:millereves - 14 Mar, 2012
3: Since freedom is freely available to us, we take it for granted. Good to know that most people fight against such oppression.
Posted by:jerome - 13 Mar, 2012