Most Powerful Viruses of 2012

Bangalore: Cyber attack – The whole new way to bring down enemies and is spreading like wildfire across the globe. Even though software products and websites are getting more secured against virus attacks, malware developers on the other hand are building much sophisticated weapons with high potential that can bypass the firewalls and perform functions you never imagined. The latest one is Flame- the most complex virus ever discovered.

Never think you are out of attackers reach. Everything in your network, essentially your system can go upside down one fine day. Files get deleted, PC slows down and even your system can turn itself into a base station for infecting other networks and systems. The below listed most powerful malwares of 2012 can do much more than that.

1 Flame

Kaspersky Lab’s latest report about the world’s most complex virus- Flame- shook the entire cyber world with its potential. The 20 MB virus is supposed to be product of a Government backed project due to its sophistication.

Name: Worm.Win32.Flame

What It Does: Flame can sniff network traffic and has the ability to take screenshots, record conversations by microphones that are plugged in or embedded to the PC and send this information to the creator. Its complicated attack-toolkits and code is 20 times powerful than the existing viruses and is capable of replicating in a local network and removable media. The virus, which was operational since 2010, has been secretly collecting critical data.

Affected Systems: Flame was essentially targeted at some Middle Eastern countries including Iran and Israel has made its presence in around 1000 systems worldwide. But considering its potential, it can be one of the biggest viruses, the world has ever seen.