Microsoft: "Google Doesn't Understand How Businesses Use Web Apps"

Bangalore: When Google I/O, an annual developer-focused conference, is just around the corner, which will kick start on 15th of May and supposed to include a few sessions on how enterprises are ditching Microsoft Office in favor of Google Apps, Microsoft came up with an early attach saying, “Google doesn’t understand how businesses use web apps.”

Microsoft is once again boasting about its knowledge of enterprise consumers is much better than Google’s. Michael Atalla, the director of product marketing for Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud based apps suite, in an interview with Tech Crunch said that Google doesn’t really get how businesses use productivity apps. He also added that the enterprises right now are looking for the right mix of tools from the companies they trust and he believes that Microsoft has the “broadest vision of productivity” that includes everything from the basic Office tools like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, to database servers, Skype and Lync for connectivity and real-time presence indicators, and support for multiple platforms.

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