Intel's New Atom Chip To Power Smart Phones, Tablets

Intel's New Atom Chip To Power Smart Phones, Tablets

Bangalore: Global chip maker Intel Corporation has designed and developed a new Atom microprocessor in 22 nanometer (nm) to power a range of smart phones and tablets for higher performance with less power consumption, a company official said Thursday.

"Our forthcoming Atom chip and Silvermont micro-architecture will accelerate mobile computing of smart phones and tablets to enrich user experience," Intel Asia-Pacific product marketing manger George Chacko said at a preview of the latest devices here.

Noting that the mobile device ecosystem in India was evolving rapidly with lot of innovation, Chacko said increasing product localisation would drive greater differentiation.

"We are committed to invest in new chips and architecture to accelerate next-generation mobility through smart phones, tablets and other wireless devices," he said.

The new Atom processor platform, codenamed 'Clover Trail', delivers higher performance with low-power and long battery life to compete with popular Android mobile phones, developed by global search engine Google on Linux open-ended operating system.

"The new processor will enable user to experience faster and smooth web-browsing and watching high definition movies on smart phones without a glitch with over nine hours of battery life," Chacko pointed out.

Similarly, the Silvermont micro-architecture has been designed and optimised with Intel's 22nm System on Chip (SoC) and three-dimension tri-gate transistors.

"The Silvermont micro-architecture testifies our design and process technology to enhance performance and power efficiency of tablets, as our quad-core SoC doubles their computing capability," Chacko added.

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Source: IANS