Indian Government Spending 1 Lakh Crore to Change Governance Through Technology

"In the same way we are running a National GIS program. Till now 30 different departments of the government used to have 30 different maps of India. But now all of them have agreed to have one map of India. The GIS map of India which is being developed through satellite will have where the road is, where the taluka boundaries are, where the village well is located," he said.

"The UID will identify each citizen, while the National GIS programme will identify each and every space in the country. Once this is done, it will change the face of India," Pitroda said.

"We have taken up computerisation of each and every file of the government. Instructions have been given by the Prime Minister's office to every department to put up their files online, but it is taking some time as all the government officers are afraid," Pitroda said.

"This step will democratise information, help seekers of RTI and also decrease corruption," Pitroda said.

"Another important thing that we have taken up is that of computerising all the courts, as 32 million court cases are pending and it takes 15 years for a person to get justice.

"While computerising the courts we realised that they cannot become online until we computerise all prisons and all police stations of the country and we have taken up that also," Pitroda said.

"What we are doing is an enormous task, but it will create a platform to deliver good governance in the country where we have a very huge population. It will take some time. Once you get this platform you will have to innovate to deliver better governance, better education, health and other services to the people," Pitroda said.

In a reply to a question on Gujarat missing the bus on the IT revolution, Pitorda said, "Everybody knows that it has happened. It has happened as Gujarat do not have good education (system) like in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh".

Source: PTI