Hackers Now Target E-Commerce Sites For Internet Attacks

BANGALORE: With the growing number of internet users along with a more secure and convenient transaction system, e-commerce emerges as the budding industry in India. The mushrooming number of e-commerce sites in the country also opens a wide array of opportunities for hackers to target all these websites mainly to bring down these sites with the aim of extorting money for ransom, reports Varun Aggarwal of Economic Times.

As per the Akamai State of the Internet Report, after enterprises, the e-commerce industry in the country has become the second largest target for distributed denial of service attacks by hackers. The report also disclosed that India witnessed a 2.6 percent increase in attack traffic in first quarter and this has placed it at seventh position among nations with attack traffic.

Sidharth Pisharoti, India sales head, Akamai said "We have observed a huge spike in attacks against ecommerce companies in India. The purpose of many of these attacks is to extort money from e-commerce companies as a ransom to stop the attacks," reports ET.

Though there are reports of hacking e-commerce sites for ransom, it is still not confirmed whether any Indian e-commerce company has so far paid any extortion money to attackers.


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