Growing Smartphone Users In India To Help App Market: Xcube Labs

New Delhi: The exponential growth of smartphone users in India will help the mobile applications market to expand in the country, enterprise mobility solutions firm Xcube Labs said.

“As per current estimates, we’re expected to have close to 400 million smartphones in use in India by 2016. This is an impressive figure and it will eventually lead to development of a more robust mobile app market in the country,” Xcube Labs CEO Bharath Lingam told PTI.

India did not start out being the country with one of the largest base of mobile users; however, it surpassed most of the first world countries in a short span of time once carrier prices as well as the handset prices dropped, he added. “We see a similar opportunity for mobile apps in India”.

The growth of mobile apps in India is driven by the growth of smartphones, availability of bandwidth and of local content and relevance of global apps to this ecosystem,” Lingam said.

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Source: PTI