Feature Load Your Chrome With These 9 Killer Extensions

Bangalore: Google Chrome; released in 2008 is by far is the most widely used web browser, millions across the globe prefer Chrome over other alternatives. The simple and intuitive interface makes Chrome a hit among the users. To further enhance the user experience there are thousands of Chrome Extensions that can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. These extensions can make your browsing experience better, faster and more secure. Out of tons of extensions that are out there, read on to top 9 of them that can make your chrome feature rich, as compiled by The Daily Beast.

#1 Adblock Plus

This is a must-have extension for those who visit various websites and forums all day long. Adblock Plus; with more than 10 million downloads is one of the most popular browser extensions. Be it Facebook ads, Youtube ads, pop-ups or other kinds of intrusive and offensive ads, Adblock Plus removes them all. Should you choose to support your favorite website you can whitelist them and block the ads on those websites that go way overboard.