Facebook Headed For Extinction, May Lose 80 Pct Users By 2017

Cannarella and Spechler compare the sudden upsurge and gradual decline of the love towards social media with that of epidemics that display the same character. “Ideas, like diseases, have been shown to spread infectiously between people before eventually dying out, and have been successfully described with epidemiological models,” says the report.

A comparative study with MySpace reveals the fact that the venture founded in 2003 reached its epitome in 2007 before surrendering in 2011. With Facebook turning 10 years as on 4th February  the estimated user base of the social networking giant is 1.2 billion as on October 2013. They tested various equations against the lifespan of Myspace, before applying them to Facebook.

Myspace was founded in 2003 and reached its peak in 2007 with 300 million registered users, before falling out of use by 2011.

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