Beyond CEO's Departure, 4 Biggest Challenges For Intel

Bangalore: Paul Otellini, Intel’s fifth CEO is packing his bags and despite his tremendous track record he is leaving the chip giant with a series of big challenges to tackle in the near future.

Otellini’s era saw Intel booming with improved processors and power usage, its successful bid in the datacenters with a continuous stream of profits. But his credentials are shadowed with Intel’s inability to make a mark in the mobile race and its over dependency on the PC market.

What Ottelini has left behind is a series of issues that the new CEO will have to address and a majority of them hint towards Intel’s shift towards a more mobile centric business. Among the issues:

1. Replacing ARM:

With Nvidia and Qualcom capturing the smartphone and tablet market, Intel’s PC market has received a huge blow. Though Intel has tried its luck coming out with some Atom based phones but they have failed to impress the audience. Whether or not Intel should make a shift from ARTM architecture will be a primary question that the new CEO will have to fact.

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