Asha- The Ray Of Hope To Nokia

Bangalore: After being criticized by investors at the annual general meeting held at Helsinki, for using Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, Nokia is now pinning their hopes on their budget phone series Nokia Asha.

The company expects Asha series, to have a good impact on its revenue. Analysts predict Nokia’s best option for this is to strengthen its range of high-end Asha handsets to compete on the cheaper Android-powered phones. Another strategy would be to push the price point of Lumia series of handsets to sub-Rs 10,000-level in India.

Nokia’s latest flagship, Asha 501, supposed to hit the market in June, is targeted mainly for the developing countries like India, where majority of the people own a basic handset. By introducing free access to social networking sites and attractive features like the durability, 48-day battery life and dual SIM capability, the device is expected to cater the needs of the emerging markets.

According to Forrester India analyst Katyayan Gupta, who spoke to ZDNet, "There are a lot of positives about this phone. Nokia has certainly done its homework. It has very specifically focused on a certain segment of the consumers. It's not [a] phone for all. It's targeted with certain people in mind, certain people that make up the mass market." He also added "This phone is addressing the needs of those that can't afford a full-fledged smartphone."

So, the time would tell if Nokia's strategy on its cheaper models would work out a big fortune to them. Nokia’s high end Asha series is expected to ward off competition and comes with the price tag ranging 3,000-5,500.

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