Apple's Most Unsuccessful Products

In 1997, Apple stopped selling the products due to customer response which was very less, and reasons is believed to be that the world was not yet ready for a highly compact product. It also had good competitors later on, so another Apple’s product was unlisted from its store.

ROKR E1: The Motorola manufactured phone was the first to be integrated with Apple Inc’s iTunes music player. This collaboration between Motorola and Apple was closely followed with expectations of better innovated products.

This however was not a success because the phone has a bad storage system, and it also would hang or was very slow when it came to uploading files. This made Apple and Motorola separate their ways and the ROKR E1 was scrapped.

Sleek Power Mac G4 Cube: The super sleek Mac desktop was released back in 2000. It was a designed importance computer which was all in cube like shape but which did not have an internal fan and also had problems when inserting a disc.

Customers also preferred the Power Mac G4 Mini towers instead, which was cheaper than the Mac G4 Cube. Many people expected Apple to improvise on the model but under Steve Jobs the model was completely scrapped in 2001.

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