Apple's Most Unsuccessful Products

BANGALORE: Apple was not very successful company as it is now, though their current status seems to over shadow their failures, but this highly innovative company has seen failures with over ten products that they had to discontinue manufacturing. These products were either too expensive or just failed to capture the market, with products as recent as 2006 that had to be scrapped from their product list.

Instead of trying to renovate these products they decided to focus on the iPod, iPhone and the iPad and off course their range of laptops. Apple has the highest market shares in the world and is also poised to launch the all new iPhone 6 in September. So here are the products that didn’t do so well for Apple compiled by The Times of India.

iPod Hi-Fi: The speaker system that was launched by Apple in 2006, did not do well in the market due to its high price and also for  the quality wasn’t up to the mark.

The speaker has a slot to place the iPod and is also a portable device.

This was competing against the likes of Bose and iBoom so it got scrapped in 2007. The speaker system had limited option of functionality and the remote device had only a volume and track skipping buttons. It was also unable to support the charging facility since the power given by the player system was too less than required by the iPod devices.

Apple QuickTake: The QuickTake is one of the first consumer digital cameras to hit the market and was manufactured by Apple Computers. It was launched in three models with resolution of 0.3 Mpx. The 200 series model was only compactable with the Apple Macintosh computer, whereas the 100 and 150 models were compactable with Macintosh and Windows.

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