Apple Replacing iPhone 5 Batteries For Free

BANGALORE: Apple, apart from its stunning handsets and other products, is also known for its commitment to customers. It provides good services without giving any room for bad customer feedback.

Recently however, it has been noted that the Apple iPhone 5 handsets had battery problems, and had to be frequently charged, as it would run out too soon.

This fault has been spotted in the devices sold between September 2012 and January 2013. Apple acknowledged the fault and made all the handsets eligible for a free replacement, reports Forbes.

There are set criteria to be eligible for this replacement offer. Though the handset’s serial number falls under the replacement criteria, the device must be operational and should be damage free as it could make the battery replacement process complicated.

To check the eligibility of your device for the free battery replacement offer, you have to visit the iPhone 5 battery replacement program website and key in your handset’s serial number. The battery replacement program covers only iPhone 5 and not other series like iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C. The replacement program began in the U.S. and China on August 22nd and will be launched in other countries on August 29th.

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