A Year Into Windows 8: The 10 Biggest Mistakes

#7 Third-party apps slow to arrive

When consumers got annoyed with the stock apps and were expecting some good third party apps, only a few big-name apps were made available in Windows Store. Twitter finally pushed out an official app in mid-March, more than four months after the launch of Windows 8, but Facebook and Flipboard are still in the “promised, but not yet delivered” category after a full year. There’s no Pandora, no Words with Friends, and no Google apps except search.

#6 Consumers don’t understand the benefit of touch

Apple, with 3 years head start on touch devices than Microsoft, defined that the touch is for tablets only; it's emphatically not for PC-like devices. So you interact with iPad by touch gestures, but on Macs those gestures work only with trackpads. But with Windows 8, whose basic design is for touch enabled PCs, people often found it easier to simply use a mouse or touchpad instead of reaching to a big screen, when it comes browsing through a long article or to  zoom an image.

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