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9 Countries With Fastest Internet Connection

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 02 May 2012, 11:52 Hrs   |    20 Comments
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Bangalore: Nothing brings more serenity to everyday life, be it at work or home, than a good internet speed. Whether attending an online video conference at your office, watching videos on YouTube or uploading pictures on a social networking site, we always prefer a glitch less and unhindered network connectivity.

While many countries, including India i.e. ranked 148, suffer from slow or unavailable internet connection and numerous blocked websites, certain countries across the world cherish the flair of ultra speed network connectivity. With millions of web connections and multiple network service plans, these countries have the fastest internet connection in the world according to a report generated by Akamai.

These are the nine countries that provide the fastest internet connection in the world.

9. Romania

Average Internet Speed: 6.4 Mbps

Deviation since 2011: 3.4% slower

The country has more than 8 Million internet connections out of which 4 Million are broad-bands. There were more than 300,000 registered domains in the country by the end of 2008.

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Reader's comments(20)
1: Latvia 24.63 Mbits/second
Posted by:winexe - 19 Jan, 2013
2: never would have guessed s. korea
Posted by:wizardrummer - 02 Nov, 2012
3: Yeah shure, this is totaly wrong. Lithuania has one of the fastest if not the fastest internet. Just check.
Posted by:Check - 23 Sep, 2012
4: In the South korea pic, the flag is the tibetian on and not korean
Posted by:sachim - 10 Aug, 2012
5: Cant believe it South Korea is awesome !!! India is the worlds 2nd largest population.They say it has a huge IT future and stuff and we r stuck with 512 kbps.Sad develop internet first.
Posted by:christopher - 17 May, 2012
6: Hmmmmmmm....India still with 512Kbps
Posted by:Bobby - 04 May, 2012
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Posted by:zhishyih - 03 May, 2012
8: I do not understand I remember reading an article in Malaysia which provides 64MBPS speed internet connection. I also do not see US in this list which is strange!!!!
Posted by:Rajju - 03 May, 2012
For example, my company offers speeds to residential subscribers of up to 1gbps here in India, and the average speed Akamai delivers traffic to my customers is somewhere in the upper 20mbps range, but since the vast majority of people in India only have 512k to 1mbps (if they're lucky) the average result for India is hovering around the 1mbps mark.

In short: actual results bear no resemblance to what may be available or what is advertised.
Mathew Replied to: Rajju - 03 May, 2012
Firstly, Internet connections in the US are awful by comparison with most of Europe, and is well down the list at about #26 in terms of world-wide average speed.

Secondly, this article is about the fastest Internet connections according to Akamai (the content distribution network which helps deliver the content for most large websites) and is based on the actual speed results they see (averaged across all users), and NOT what is advertised by the ISPs.
Mathew Replied to: Rajju - 03 May, 2012
11: nice post by showing the 9 Countries With Fastest Internet Connection.thanks sharing this post
Posted by:OnlineTraining - 03 May, 2012
12: Please update data base as dubai is having 16 mbps network.
Posted by:rizvi - 02 May, 2012
Many countries have fast networks, but this is about the *average* speed across all connections. Dubai's average speed is nowhere near 16mbit/s.
Mathew Replied to: rizvi - 03 May, 2012
14: Average internet speed in India in extremely low and so it has no chance to succeed in securing the positing in top 25 list either. But the author does not seem to have done enough research. Internet speed is pretty high in USA, Canada and UK. Many companies in USA offer more than 50 MBPS speed and people can get very high speed over wireless connection also.
Posted by:Rubi - 02 May, 2012
The article talks about average speed, not how fast the service is available to customers, and there is a big difference between the two. In the US, the question is not about availability, it's about affordability: faster the service, more it costs. Based on your budget, you make the decision.
andrew Replied to: Rubi - 03 May, 2012
As per my comment to Rizvi, while these speeds are available in the USA, it is not the average.
Mathew Replied to: Rubi - 03 May, 2012
17: see difference between No 1 and No 2
Posted by:Andy - 02 May, 2012
18: All these countries are with very less population and their economy is also very balanced and upto date they did not want anything like switzerland and latvia southkoriea
Posted by:Vinod Nainwal - 02 May, 2012
Population != population density.

India *can* have fast Internet (my own company is proving that) but, you gotta want it, you gotta be on a properly built network (which many aren't here in India) and by doing things properly unfortunately that increases the cost a bit, so you gotta pay more than Rs500 a month for a connection - which is where the idea trips up.

It probably doesn't help that most of the ISPs here are run by guys in their late 60's and who are disconnected by the generational gap between themselves and their users, so these old guys think 512k is enough because all they care about is checking email.

It probably helps even less that the government is pushing 3G & 4G as the "fix-all" to all India's broadband problems. It's just not: wireless Internet should only be used as a backup/secondary connection unless it's literally impossible to provide something wired.

It's also no longer true that there's a bandwidth scarcity: 5 years ago, yes, maybe, but now less than 10% of India's international bandwidth capacity is used right now, so there's plenty of room for growth, and new cables are touching Indian shores every 18 months or so.
Mathew Replied to: Vinod Nainwal - 03 May, 2012
20: God.. no U.s Uk or India...
Posted by:ritu - 02 May, 2012