9 Biggest Court Battles in Technology

Bangalore: The world is witnessing one of the greatest tech-battles between Apple and Samsung. After weeks of intensive hearing which saw disclosure of many secrets of both the companies, the court pronounced Apple as the winner who walked out with a cash prize of $1 billion. More recently Samsung faced a ban of its 8 Smartphones which is certainly going to prove fatal for the South Korean company.

Samsung has now said that it will appeal in a higher court. This war is not yet over and it doesn’t seem it will be in quite a few months. Now let’s take a look on the battles like this which have been the most influential in the technology world:

9. eBay’s fight over 'Buy it Now'

In one of another marathon cases, Virginia-based MercExchange fought with auction giant eBay for seven years. In 2001, MercExchange complained that eBay’s “Buy It Now” feature, which allows users to purchase items without going through the bidding process, infringed on three of its patents.

The case was settled in 2008 when eBay agreed to purchase the patents.