8 Extreme Cases Of Secrecy At Apple

Bangalore: Apple, the most valuable tech company which spearheads consumer electronic revolution is quite infamous for its obsession for secrecy; may it be about the up-coming products or the inside work environment. The company accomplishes its verve for secrecy by closely monitoring work spaces, making developers chain products to desks, covering up devices with black cloak and much more.  Here is the compilation of 8 such instances as compiled by Business Insider.

#8 Apple told a wife of an Apple employee to forget everything about Intel version of MacOS X

Kim Scheinberg’s husband, an Apple employee, mailed her about possibility of his selections as an engineer, or as a project/ technical lead for the project dealing with intel’s version of MacOS X.

Apple came to know about this, and she was told to forget everything she knew about the project.

The result, their house was totally reconfigured to meet Apple's security standards.

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