8 Worst Indian Government Websites

Bangalore: India is boasting about its growth towards an e-economy. More than anybody else it’s the Government who promote this so-called e-Governance. There is no doubt it will make our life easier. No more long queues to pay the bills, no more delays in getting the services done and so on. It sounds really nice but the bitter fact is, once you visit these government websites which are intended to provide you services, you will feel the traditional system was much better. These websites are cluttered with navigational issues, design, usability flaws and are hardly updated.

It is really shame to a country, which has uncountable number of technology talents and where even a 15 year old kid can develop websites which are far better in usability and design than these cluttered Government websites.

Here we list some of the most unfriendly websites owned by the Indian Government.  


Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation website might be the one, which is better compared to the rest of the list. It is supposedly the first government website that launched a mobile application for easy access through the phones. But as many say, the website is not free from problems. The first thing is the content load. It will eat a considerable amount of your time for logging in, especially in the morning time. The site is not optimized for all types of internet connections, so irrespective of your connection speed, it will be difficult to effectively ‘search,’ book or cancel tickets. By the time you clear the log-in hurdles and reach the final step to book a ticket, you will have probably missed out the available seats.