8 Creative Things To Do On Smartphones Offline For Free

#6 Sharpen Your Memory

Hate it when your 5 year old kid can recollect things better that you? Make it a challenge for him/her next time round by the removing the rust off your brain with some educational games that stimulate your problem-solving skills, concentration and memory.

Apps for iOS: Fit Brains Trainer, Lumosity, Memo Memory Trainer

Apps for Android: Memory Trainer, Mind Games, Brain Workout

#7 Learn to Code

You need no longer be envious or afraid of the annoying little geeks who always hack into your network and mess things up. Learn to code and stave them off next time, start there and go on to realize your dream of joining the Anonymous!

Apps for iOS: Codeacademy: Hour of Code, Learn HTML Basics, Treehouse: Learn Programming and Design

Apps for Android: Java Quick Reference Cards, C++ Programming Reference, C Programming Reference

#8 Learn a Craft

Unleash your creative self with applications that teach you to knit, sew, draw, bead and make origami art. Don’t be embarrassed to admit you love knitting, you will find dudes with much weirder hobbies on the subway.

Apps for iOS: How to Make Origami, How to Make Paper Airplanes, How to Draw, Beading Daily

Apps for Android: How to Make Origami, How to Make Paper Airplanes, How to Draw

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