8 Amazing Features That Google Glass Offers

.#4.Google Maps

Google maps on the glass would now make navigation a lot easier than before. The map is easily visible with its turn-by –turn directions which assures a trouble free journey. There is also an option to view the maps in half and full screen within the street view.


This is the feature on the Android phone which has not gained much popularity among the users of Smartphones. The feature ‘Remind me’ notifies you about a meeting you have scheduled linking it to any live event at that hour in and around your locality.

#6.Interior maps

Google brings this feature onto the glass which is already available to Android users, for navigating oneself indoors. You can find any section you are looking for inside a store as long as the augmented GPS can recognize your location.

#7.Take photos

The evolution in technology got the big sized camera to our phones and tablets. But now Google gets it to its ‘Glasses’. Even though the clicks are of mediocre quality, the ease that the device provides in snapping cannot be matched.

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