8 Amazing Features That Google Glass Offers

BANGALORE: Google glass is one among the most prominent wearable gadgets ever released. This is one of the most innovative tech toys that  can enhance the future tech revolution. Google glass has a completely new user interface which projects its functionalities directly before your eyeswith no screen, mouse or keyboard. This will involve a new user experience as it is designed to provide a complete internet experience. Priced close to 92,000, Will Google offer the performance of a Smartphone on a glass? Let’s find out. Here are some of the features of the Google glass as compiled by the Pc Mag.


In the menu it shows all of what the glass can do from taking pictures to logging into your Google Hangout account and sharing pictures online, just like you do it on your Smartphone.

#2.Dictate Texts

Google glass can recognize dictated texts to be sent to others through the in-built microphone and a cloud based speech recognition system using a wireless internet connection.

#3.Travel alerts

Google gets its Google Now update from phones to its glasses. The  glass provides all  travel updates you need from traffic to public transport information also keeping you updated with  the frequency of flights and trains.

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