8 Tech Cos That Spoil Employees With Amazing Perks

Bangalore: Fat pay can keep employees motivated towards work, a mantra in use by the coveted companies. But then some of them go beyond pay checks to see that employees fall in love with their workplace, and that is by offering amazing perks to an extent of spoiling them. Here are 10 such companies as compiled by Business Bee.

#8 Netflix

This American company that provides on-demand Internet streaming media has taken the idea of flex-time to the next level. The company betrays what most other companies follow it as a military code, clocking the time of their employees at work. The online entertainment big wig believes that it’s better to measure their employees by what they accomplish, rather than how many hours they sit at a desk.

And then there is no dress code to follow, the employees can come wearing any dress of their choice except coming naked.

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