5 Most Controversial Memos In Tech History

#3 Mike Quinn

Cisco's VP of services wrote a long memo to his employees, explaining why California State University replaced its Cisco network with Alcatel’s, which was leaked. The enraged former CIA operations officer sent out another memo asking the memo-leaker to come clean. The second one was leaked too and it states, “I want you to remember that Cisco puts the groceries on your table every two weeks, not Brad Reese or other Slander Sheet Journalists; that you disrespected everyone else at Cisco. Now I know you do not have it in you to stand up and admit what you did, so I will now make you my “hobby.” Ask around you will find out that I like to work on my hobbies.”

#2  Steven Sinofsky

Microsoft announced the immediate departure of Windows President Steven Sinofsky, and minutes after Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer sent an e-mail to employees regarding the departure, Sinofsky responding with the memo that states, “I wasn't fired. I quit. And I'm ready to compete with Microsoft.” His departure came as a shock to employees and the industry alike because he was often referred to as the “CEO-in-waiting”.

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