5 CEOs Who Came Back To Rescue Their Dying Companies

Bangalore: The tech industry has several instances on CEOs being relieved from their positions following the company’s downfall and later after many years, they gets reinstated into top positions again. The biggest ever question that can pop up in your head could be, “does the CEOs comeback is for better of worse?" Here is the take down on 5 such instances as compiled by ComputerWorld.

#5 Narayan Murthy’s Comeback 

Infosys has recalled its iconic leader N.R. Narayana Murthy for the rescue mission following the Indian software giant’s underperformance in the last quarters. He headed Infosys for 11 years as a CEO. Murthy made his comeback as Executive Chairman while son Rohan will assist him in this regard. The market responded with 15 percent slump in shares, following the news. But Murthy in a candid talk to shareholders at the 32nd Annual General Meeting said that the task of rebuilding a "desirable" Infosys would take at least 3 years even with high quality team and full dedication of every Infoscions. Know for his strong will, Murthy may eventual achieve the purpose of his comeback.

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