5 Tools To Help Kids Develop Technology Skills

BANGALORE: The budding age is the best time to be introduced to new skills and technologies. The below ten demography can grasp things fast and the tech world around them demands them to be updated with the basic skills. Millennials who grow up to use smart gadgets and computers must gain sufficient expertise and talent. Scratch, software that introduces the basic concepts of coding to kids through interactive methods and Rapidtyping 5, which teach the basic key and finger placements for typing, are all designed for kids to make them technically sound. Read on to know more about the software that can turn your naught littles’ into tech geniuses as compiled by Times of India.

Timez Attack: It is a tough task to teach a child the addition and multiplication table. Here is where Timez Attack, a game which introduces the multiplication table with fun comes into relevance. The video game requires the player to free a character from captivity. As the player progresses, he will face monsters which are to be slayed by calculations using multiplication tables. The game factor of Timez Attack ensures that your kid becomes a math genius with ultimate ease.

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