5 Incredible Apple Products Designed By Jobs We Still Haven't Seen

5 Incredible Apple Products Designed By Jobs We Still Haven't Seen

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 16 October 2012, 13:08 Hrs
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Bangalore: Steve Jobs, the man who realized what we wanted before we understood it ourselves, has to his credit an awesome list of products which evolved the electronic consumer world at dizzying pace. Today he may not be with us, but the products like iPhone 5, new Lighting Connectors, were approved by him and Apple’s upcoming product iPad mini was waved green by Jobs. His dreams yet linger around to see light of the day, and it may fill Apple’s upcoming roadmap for couple of years to materialize them. And some of the products dreamed and designed by Jobs loom larger than others, here are 5 such incredible products we haven’t seen yet.

#5 Spaceship Campus

Steve Jobs was very active in attending WWDC (Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference) couple of months before his final days. He dreamt of building a massive new headquarters for the company; the giant of Cupertino to have its own campus called “spaceship”. As it sounds, the design is inspired by the mysterious alien flying saucers, which could fit over 12,000 Apple employees in a circular building made entirely of curved glass, with massive underground parking lot and a secrete auditorium to unveil Apple’s products, surrounded by trees along either side of the circumference.     

When Jobs put forth the papers of this magnificent campus to the city council of Cupertino, a bunch of politicians didn’t stand chance to argue but give stamp of approval. The construction on this dream is believed to be starting soon, and once built it’ll be bigger than Pentagon; the Spaceship campus would be like jewel on face of earth, propagating Apple products and legends.

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