4 Hot Features of Google's New Android 4.2

Bangalore: As Google announced its latest Nexus tablet and an array of upcoming Smartphones, the search giant also proclaimed a new version of Android is on its way- the Android 4.2.

The Android 4.2, which still goes with the name Jelly Bean, brings some major updates from its previous version. Google has stated that the operating system will be featured on Google and LG's new Nexus 4 Smartphone and Samsung's Nexus 10 tablet, scheduled for release on November 13. Also the company hinted of an upcoming upgrade for the latest Nexus 4 Smartphone and Samsung’s Nexus 10 tablet.

With that here are some important features of the latest Android 4.2 operating system, compiled by zdnet.com

#1 Smart Screen-Savers:

Analysts are pretty impressed with the latest screen saver- Daydream, from the Android 4.2. The screen saver let users to present slide shows, news feeds and other features like social networking updates. Along with that, additional supportive features such as stock updates, breaking news and even mail updates appear now on the home screen- sounds similar to the Windows Phone 8 Live Tiles?

#2 Gesture typing:

Gesture typing is an important typing feature within Android 4.2. You just slide your finger between each letter in a word and the keyboard figures out what you're trying to type. Although the feature is an old concept, the latest operating system has a better type sensitivity, compared to its previous versions. Combined with Google’s superfast auto prediction, the new feature makes one-handed typing extremely easy.