24 Amazing Innovations From India's Young Minds

Bangalore: “Innovations” from young minds took India by storm; the innovations were pragmatic, sensible and can find wide prevalence in India and across the globe. Though these innovations were just in “idea” form, the young Indians are hopeful of striving to bring them to existence, may be in the future.

The National Innovation Foundation India (NIF), Ahmedabad has announced the names of the 29 award winners of the IGNITE 2012, an annual competition organized by the NIF in association with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Society for Research and Initiatives in Sustainable Technologies and Institutions (SRISTI), various State Education Boards and other partners.

The competition became a platform where the school students shared innovative ideas and offered solutions on issues local and global. It was held between 11 September 2011 and 31 August 2012 and had received over 14,889 submissions from students who participated from 282 districts in the country.

Read on to know 24 such amazing innovations that impressed the NIF panel, as compiled by rediff.com.

#24 Spray on gloves and socks

Aditya Joshi

Class 8, Bal Shikshan Mandir, Pune, Maharashtra

A fast-drying, non-abrasive, water-proof solution filled in a spray can. Just spray it on your hands or feet to get snugly-fitted gloves or socks that can be easily peeled-off after use! So there won’t be any problems with missing sock or glove, or the perfect size requirements. 

Aditya’s innovative spray is water-proof and self-sealing; it provides excellent protection for anyone working with their hands and feet. So it can be used by a factory worker handling dangerous chemicals, or a farmer standing bare-foot in water-filled paddy fields, and so on.

"I had noticed people like garbage collectors, or even farmers, work in unhygienic conditions that made them vulnerable to diseases. It made me think of this idea that gives protection and could be made easily available at an affordable cost," replied Aditya when asked how he came up with the idea.