15 Most Creative Tech Personalities

#8 Martin Casado, networking guru, VMware

Martin Casado invented ‘OpenFlow’ a breakthrough technology which started a whole new way to build corporate networks called Software Definied Networking.

SDN lets companies buy less networking hardware like routers orswitches, while making networks easier to design and scale. It will overhaul the $40 billion network equipment industry.

Casado cofounded a startup, Nicira, which was bought by VMware for $1.26 billion last summer and he's now helping VMware do for the network hardware industry what it did for the computer server industry.

#7 Sebastian Thrun, VP and Fellow at Google

Hear about the self-driving car project at Google’s X labs? Sebastian Thrun is at the center of making them a reality.

Thurn is pioneer in artificial intelligence and robotics for a long time, leading Stanford's AI department since the early 2000's and building self-driving vehicles since 2004.

Thrun founded Google X, the group lead by Sergey Brin and home to Google's self-driving car and Google Glass.

He also cofounded startup Udacity, which offers free interactive college classes to make college more interesting and affordable to everyone.

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