10 Stupidest Quotes Ever Said By Smartest Tech Personalities

Bangalore: Quotes have power to make or mar the reputation of the one who quote them. "Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life? Or do you want to come with me and change the world?", the quote from Steve Jobs provoked John Sculley to quit Pepsi and join  Apple, since Jobs wanted Sculley to apply his marketing skills to the personal computer market. On the other hand the quotes like, "What I can't figure out is why he (Steve Jobs) is even trying (to be the CEO of Apple)? He knows he can't win," by Bill Gates targeted towards Steve Jobs returned to Apple in mid-90s brewed rivalry between the two tech legends. And than there are some quotes, you call it their slip of tongue, absent mindedness or tripping ego, has put the smartest of the tech personalities in bad light. Read to know 10 of such quotes, as compiled by Business Insider.

#10 "Two years from now, spam will be solved." –Bill Gates at the World Economic Forum in 2004

In 2004, Bill Gates, the co-founder, chairman and Ex-CEO of Microsoft, said, "Two years from now, spam will be solved," to a select group of World Economic Forum participants at Alpine ski resort. "And a lot of progress this year," he added at the event late Friday, hosted by U.S. talk show host Charlie Rose. Gates said Microsoft is working on a solution based on the concept of "proof," or identifying the sender of the e-mail.

However, none of them took shape, and the quote from Gates is still regarded as absurd and attracted criticism.

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