10 Most Common Malwares And Their Preventions

BANGALORE: Security Threats are increasingly becoming sophisticated by the day with cyber criminals finding new ways to hack your personal and financial data. With Smartphones becoming ubiquitous and most of other products, be it car or house security system getting taste of internet connectivity, hackers are now finding  wide range of devices to infect with malicious threats. Here is the list of   10 most common security treats and their prevention as compiled by Norton.com.


A virus is a small piece of software that can spread from one infected computer to another without user’s knowledge or permission. Virus will spread only when it is transmitted by a user through network or internet, or via removable disk such as CDs or memory disks. Some virus can delete, corrupt or steal your data from your system, and even can reformat your hard disk. Some other viruses can replicate themselves and present video, text, or audio messages. Even if they are not meant to cause damage, they can take up memory and can cause erratic behavior, system crashes and loss of data.

Prevention: 1) Make use of anti-virus software and keep it updated; 2) Avoid visiting unknown sites and never follow random links; 3) Access your emails through trusted sources; 4) Have a backup of your data in remote media such as CDs/DVDs; 5) Keep up to date on new virus techniques.

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