10 Amazing and Unknown Features of Gmail

BANGALORE: The e-mail messaging service by Google has such wide popularity that it is obvious for any internet literate to have a Gmail account. Even though we have been using the mailing service on a daily basis, there are certain hidden and interesting features that we have never heard about. From Self-sorting inbox, to unsending an e-mail that is already sent out, Gmail has been amazing us in so many ways. Read on to know the most amazing and unknown features of Gmail with inputs from Times of India.

Threaded conversations

The threaded conversation allows users to group a conversation based on the subject. The feature provides great visibility to the chat threads and assists in easily sorting out a communication made earlier. Rather than getting a separate individual reply for a conversation, the feature provides a list of the conversation. Gmail has provided an option to turn the threaded conversation feature ON and OFF.

Un-send emails

Don’t be scared if you have send an e-mail to a wrong address. The un-send option of the e-mail messaging service will certainly be your savior. This feature of Gmail allows anyone to take back an e-mail while is already sent within a period of 30 seconds. By enabling the ‘undo send’ option under the settings tab can get the feature ON.

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