10 Most Mysterious Corporate Labs Of Tech

#9 Amazon’s Lab126 and A9

Lab126 is owned by Amazon, which is a separate secretive R&D company that focuses on developing hardware that is closely integrated with the company services like the Kindle. It was reportedly given access to resources in order to develop a deadly simple reading device for use.

Rumors say that they are attempting to challenge Apple, with their constant work on Smartphones and other projects but the group has not disclosed itself.

#8 Ford’s special vehicle team and Silicon Valley lab

All set under one roof, this team of engineers, designers and product planners, are aimed at creating the company’s highest performance vehicles for an extremely discerning clientele. With tight schedules and deadlines, the company works in innovative ways that end up moving beyond less specialized vehicles.

Ford’s Silicon Valley Lab was opened at Palo Alto in California in 2012. Decked with white board walls, this startup type environment aims at big data and innovation for Ford users’ experience.

The company also turned on the Skunk Works model with an attempt to reinvent the brand by hiring other expert automakers.

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