10 Most Magical Moments In Apple's Journey

Bangalore: For more than three decades, the much-hyped products of Apple have shattered the mobile and gadget sector with its revolutionizing technology. And thus it is regarded as the world’s second largest IT companies by revenue and owns 394 retail stores in fourteen countries.

Have a look at the various phases and products of the tech giant, compiled by TIME.

The Inception

The journey started when three friends Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne came together in Jobs parents’ garage to form something that would change the way the world looked at hand held devices and personal computers. Thus was its inception on April 1st 1976, when the three friends created Apple Computers.

While Wayne left within three months, Jobs and Wozniak created a company which led the way to Mac and i-Revolution and thus Apple Inc turned out to be the largest traded corporation in the world by market capitalization larger than Google and Microsoft.

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