10 Coolest Products Ever Emerged From Google Labs

Bangalore: Though Google’s Infamous lab remains mysterious, its products always create buzz once they were out. Google is synonymous with creating big technologies from search engine to Google Maps to the world’s most used mobile platform ‘Android.’ With the cool rule that Google’s employees have to dedicate their 20 percent of work time to peruse their fancy, surprising products out of its laboratory are unbound.

When Google glass is making headlines around the globe, even before its release, read on to know 10 coolest products out of Google labs as compiled by NetworkWorld.

#10 Sky Map for Android

The app turns your Android powered handset into an informational window on the night sky. Fire up this free app, point it all around you and it shows you the constellations, stars, and planets above. It is also very educative and fun for inquisitive children. You can also search for your astronomical quarry; the phone tells you which direction to point and turn to find it.

Google Sky Map uses GPS and the Android accelerometer to project an augmented reality of the night sky.

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