10 Best Tech CEOs Of All Time

#7 John W. Thompson

Company: Symantec

Country: United States

Tenure: 1999 - 2009

John W. Thompson was vice-president at IBM, and had  28 years of career at the company, before joining Symantec Corporation as Chief Executive Officer. Thompson transformed Symantec from a consumer software publisher to the leader in internet security, data protection and storage management. Under his leadership, the company’s revenue grew tenfold from $600 million to $6 billion.

#6 Eric E. Schmidt

Company: Google

Country: Untied States

Tenure: 2001 – 2011

Schmidt joined Google's board of directors as chairman in March 2001 and became the company's CEO in August 2001. At Google, Schmidt shared responsibility for Google's daily operations with founders Page and Brin, and the three ran Google as a triumvirate. Schmidt had legal responsibilities typically assigned to the CEO of a public company and focused on the management of the vice presidents and the sales organization.

According to Google's website, Schmidt also focused on "building the corporate infrastructure needed to maintain Google's rapid growth as a company and on ensuring that quality remains high while the product development cycle times are kept to a minimum."

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