Windmill Health Procures Seed Funding From Villgro

Bangalore: Windmill Health Technologies, a Delhi based technology startup that focuses on making healthcare cheaper by creating low-cost technology innovations has procured an undisclosed amount in seed funding from Villgro, a Chennai based rural innovations based incubator, reports startupcentral.

Founded and incorporated by Avijit Bansal and Ayesha Chaudhary, Stanford India Biodesign-2011 fellows, Windmill health technologies estimate that 40 percent of deaths under the age of five mostly occur in the first month 23 per cent of these deaths are because of birth asphyxia and up to 86 per cent are preventable by basic resuscitation.

With the introduction of its first product, NeoBreathe, an integrated resuscitation device that is easier to use, developed basically for field conditions will help rescue newborns effectively. This product also enables professionals, house wives, health workers and others perform the task of neonatal resuscitation effectively.

On the other hand, apart from inducing seed funds into the startup, Villgro has also assigned experienced advisors to enhance and guide its customer support team. With these funds the startup may look to expand its sales and improve its marketing.

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