Top 6 Questions To Ask Before You Join A Startup

BANGALORE: Working in Startups does not necessarily mean fat pay cheques or luxurious perks like car and accommodation facility. Instead, your work life balance can get distorted. Yet a huge chunk of youngsters are keen on applying and wasting their blood and sweat behind Startup success. The sole reason being, they prefer independence and enjoy  dealing with responsibilities in Startups.

Now if you belong to this enthusiast category, this decision indeed reflects your challenging attitude. However, before you take the call interrogate these questions to yourself. These six questions reported by will help you make your decision strong and stern:

Will the founders get along when the going gets tough?

According to the Wall Street Journal, three out of four Startups fail in surviving. News of Startups going off from business is so common on the web now. Mis-coordination among Startup owners stand as the pivotal reason behind Startups’ failure. Thus, before you sign the offer letter of the Startup,  do ample research about the owners and their bond. If it’s long and includes several successful projects till date, then shoot for it. If it’s short termed and not dignifying think twice before you take the step.

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