Top 20 Indian Venture Capitalists in U.S.

Top 20 Indian Venture Capitalists in U.S.

The Winding Road to Success

Entrepreneurs succeed not only by innovation in technology and business but from persistence, determination, and leadership to overcome challenges, which require extraordinary emotional, social and personal well being. An entrepreneur’s energy knows no limits, and greatly amplifies idea to reality and value creation. Meet Satish Dharmaraj, an acclaimed entrepreneur, speaker, investor, and venture capitalist currently serving as the managing director at Redpoint Ventures, where he has made a name for himself, as a prolific consumer tech and enterprise investor.

Satish has a Master’s Degree in Computer Sciences and an executive management degree from the Harvard Business School. A true humanitarian at heart, he is extremely passionate about promoting public welfare. He is the founding board member of a non-profit organization based in the Bay Area called HelpingHands and is also associated with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a conservation charity that works to protect all wildlife and habitats in Kenya. Satish is also an avid follower of industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, which led him to invest in Sonos, a consumer electronics company widely known for its smart speakers. Additionally, he is a lifelong fan of trap music, likes comedian Dave Chapelle, and enjoys TV show True Detective.

A bonafide trendsetter, Satish decided to take up the spot as a general partner at Redpoint Ventures. There, he shares his insights and expertise on business software, enterprise arena, and infrastructure. Having acquired over a decade-long experience, and witnessing the considerable ups and downs of building a company, Satish encourages founders to find balance and to keep an eye on the big game.

Asheem Chandna spent his initial years in India before moving to the U.S to pursue his B.S and M.S degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. In 2012 and 2013 Midas List, Chandna has grabbed a whooping 20th rank as one of the top tech investors. For the Wall Street Journal Global Technology Innovation Awards, Chandna is also part of the panel of judges, advising as part of the advisory board and program committee for the RSA Conference, as well as a charter member of TiE Silicon Valley. Prior to this, Chandna has been involved in advisory roles and investments in Alteon WebSystems (NT), BigBand Networks (BBND), FineGround Networks (CSCO), Neoteris (JNPR), Nirvana Business Solutions, Rainfinity (EMC), Selectica (SLTC), Secure Computing (MCAF), VitalSigns Software (BT) and Whole Security (SYMC). Recent investments of Chandna include internet security data startup, Censys, cloud company Avi Networks, as well as security firms Awake and Obsidian. In 2015, Chandna invested in hot data storage startup Rubrik which in recent times reached $3.3 billion as its valuation. Several multiple technology businesses and product lines to market-topping positions have been made successful by Chandna, and all by playing the role of an operating executive and as a venture capitalist at Greylock. While being in Check Point Software for more than six years, the company grew from a valuation of $10 million to $500 million in annual revenues. After taking the lead roles in business development and product management organizations, Chandna has a lot to define his attributes.

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