Top 10 Fund Awaiting Startups with Innovative and Impactful Ideas


ProWaste Concepts

ProWaste Concepts is another startup with a social mission founded in 2013 by Nupur Todon, who also serves as the organizations Director. It helps communities for better waste management by recycling, or converting it into energy or compost. In urban India garbage disposal is a humongous problem with its overpopulated cities and poor infrastructure. A similar program is started by PM Narendra Modi named Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan. ProWaste concept is a great effort that should be funded well.

FRS Labs

FRS Labs, the abbreviation for fraud, risk, and security is a software engineering company specialized in security products. Customers are authenticated based on voice traits to access patented systems in banking, telecom and other sectors. This cool tech solution that tackles security problem needs to be welcomed warmly by providers and consumers alike.

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