Startups, Now an Inevitable Factor in India's growth

 Today new enterprises are coming up and they are presenting new ideas which are relevant to today’s market but they too have to bear our country’s economic history in order to avoid committing the same mistakes that their forefathers had made.

Through the Grace of Brahma – the Creator:

Marxian theory dictates how the privatization of property is ruled by a patriarchal setup. Today most new businesses that come up in our country still follow such a format and we over look our counterpart who can be more beneficial than we can imagine at the most crucial moments.

Most startups begin with an idea among friends but few of them go on to become a success story. It is important for a group to evolve into a professional entity in order for the idea to make an impact. It is also tantamount for small groups like these to maintain a professional decor at work and keep their professional and private lives separate. It is easier said than done but, it is an important aspect bear in mind as personal conflicts have diminished and destroyed many ideas.