Seven of India's Social Entrepreneurship Incubators

BENGALURU: Startup Incubators, as the name suggests, develops business ideas in their embryonic stages aiding them with resources, funding and mentorship opportunities. Tech Entrepreneurship waves have been lashing upon the Indian subcontinent, gaining momentum. The new government has incorporated several policies that aim to leverage startup ecosystems in the country. Encouraging entrepreneurship is visibly changing the aspirations of the Indian youth to be employers rather than employees. Here are some of the best incubators that prefer to support ventures that address social cause. It is good news to know that such incubators are on the rise at a rather perfect time when academic courses based on social work are gaining grounds.


From humble beginning aimed at improving the lives of people in low income markets, Ennovent, over the years has transformed into a full-fledged incubator that promises to nurture likeminded ideas by providing resources for mentorship, funding, awareness etc. The organization itself started off as a fund investing in innovations such as low cost schools and affordable healthcare solutions. Ennovent is founded on their core values that aim to create impact before profit, as they aid to go beyond driving innovations by working together as a passionate team.

Upaya Social Ventures:

The official website, mentions Upaya’s mission to “create dignified jobs for the ultra-poor by investing in small businesses in India's poorest communities.” The site boasts to employ more than 2300 people from the country’s potentially poverty ridden communities. And has been recognized by organizations of repute such as Forbes and Wall Street Journal. The firm’s strategy, in simple terms is to create regular income jobs for those communities who are stuck in the struggle to make ends meet. The organization, while effectively identifying the affected population also executes a successful strategy that provides means to entrepreneurs who set out to work in benefit of the needy.


The incubator claims to have mobilized up to 51 Mn dollars into the social sector. A part from being a robust incubator around social ventures. The organization also has its fair share of contribution in the form of research reports and events that are aimed at spreading awareness for the very cause they exist. Dasra has categorized social causes for mapping a better strategic approach. The classifications include Sanitation, Education, and Bringing up the potential of adolescent girls, health, strategic giving etc.

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