Plancess Partners With LurnQ, Taps $2 Bn Engineering Test Preparation Market

Bangalore: LurnQ, a social online learning and teaching platform, announced its partnership with Plancess, India’s first company to provide study material for engineering entrance examinations prepared by top hundred IIT-JEE rankers. The partnership will give Plancess LurnQ’s technology for running engineering test preparation courses online. This will enable Plancess to make the process of learning collaborative and engaging which could potentially bring about a transformation in the engineering test preparation industry, currently estimated to $2 Bn in revenues and growing at 15 - 20 percent.

LurnQ’s partnership with Plancess enables learning to be a meaningful two-way processing an increasingly digitally networked society. For today’s learner, internet is the preferred option to learn and according to experts, 50 percent of education will move online in the next ten years. India’s rapid adoption to the online medium is evident from the fact that it is the second largest country participating in online courses offered by the likes of Coursera.

“LurnQ offers a ubiquitous learning platform for a consistent and real-time learning experience”, said Tarun Mitra, CEO and founder, LurnQ. “Our social functionality helps in engaging the users with multiple options to learn collaboratively as one would experience in a classroom. The more powerful your network, the better your learning experience.”

“Using only videos to teach can be boring to both the teacher and learner and therefore LurnQ’s platform allows us to integrate different media types like text, videos, documents, images etc. into a single platform. This gives our learners a unified experience by offering learning in a personalized and structured format,” said NiteshSalvi, Director and co-founder, Plancess.

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