Milaap, Amazon join hands to procure Oxygen Cylinders in India

Milaap, Amazon join hands to procure Oxygen Cylinders in India

Milaap, a crowdfunding platform, has teamed up with Amazon to help Swasth & ACT Grants acquire and deploy oxygen concentrators across the world. According to the agreement, Amazon users can donate by clicking on the banners that have been added to the Amazon app and website, or by visiting the Milaap fundraiser page.

Milaap is an online fund-raising platform that allows people all over the world to contribute to communities in India that are in need of basic services. Milaap claims to be the world's first online microlending platform that allows non-Indians and non-resident Indians to make loans to India. Milaap is based in Bangalore with its headquarters in Singapore.

According to Milap, the Amazon collaboration, which began on May 2, has already raised close to Rs 50 lakh in its first 24 hours, benefiting close to 1 lakh citizens.

It is South Asia's largest forum for crowdfunding personal needs, according to Milap. Individuals and organisations are looking to crowdfunding projects to breathe fresh life into the COVID-19 fight in this desperate hour of need, Milaap said. Hundreds of people embraced crowdfunding to donate or obtain help, as is customary during a crisis, it added.

Milaap is happy to partner with to crowdfund and raise financial aid to support Swasth Digital Health Foundation and ACT Grants’s mission to procure oxygen concentrators, it said.

Swasth is a non-profit initiative that seeks to focus on a significant segment of the population that lacks access to convenient, affordable, and high-quality healthcare by leveraging the country's established clinical capabilities and technological prowess. It is assisting India in establishing the foundation for digital healthcare delivery.

The ACT is a social change movement for the country's start-up community, allowing changemakers to volunteer their time, talent, and money to mobilise solutions that solve societal challenges at scale. According to the declaration, ACT began as a response to COVID-19 and has since extended its mandate to include healthcare, education, the environment, and women's involvement in the workforce.

“Swasth Alliance and ACT Grants are mapping demand for oxygen concentrators across the country and then supplying them at scale to hospitals and care homes. Over 16,000 donors have already supported this initiative to procure oxygen concentrators.” Says, Anoj Viswanathan, Co-founder & President,Milaap.

He added that the fundraiser has so far raised over nine crore. “Our partnership with Amazon has undoubtedly strengthened our mission to provide timely assistance for the supplies needed on ground.”

The distribution of oxygen concentrators will be transparent and open to the public, allowing any donor to see the effect they have made. According to the announcement, the effort has already acquired 10,000 oxygen concentrators for immediate deployment and is currently raising funds to acquire more.

Amazon India Global Senior Vice-President and Country Head Amit Agarwal said, “COVID-19 has impacted India in unimaginable ways. We are touched by the numerous requests from those concerned about how to support during these trying times.”

He added that the company is supporting this crowdfunded initiative to enable all of us to make a real difference on the ground through generous contributions. “We stand firmly with the country, and continue to explore every meaningful way to help.”

A donation of Rs 45,000, according to the website, would buy one low-flow oxygen concentrator, which can treat and save the lives of up to 900 patients with mild-to-moderate illness. A donation of Rs 85,000 will also be used to purchase a high-flow oxygen concentrator, which will treat and save the lives of up to 550 patients with serious or critical illnesses.

Food, meals, and rations were the primary goal of fundraising in 2020, followed by medical and personal protective equipment for healthcare and other frontline staff. According to the study, there is a huge demand for oxygen supply this year.

Milaap has been able to remove the need for their MFI partners to borrow from banks by sourcing funds from individuals all over the world. As a result, end-borrowers are able to obtain low-cost loans.