Magellanic Cloud's subsidiary Squadron India receives DGCA certification for Agri-Drone model

Magellanic Cloud's subsidiary Squadron India receives DGCA certification for Agri-Drone model
A subsidiary of Magellanic Cloud, Squadron India has recently received Type Certification from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for its advanced Agri-Drone model, SNDAG010QX8. The certification was registered under Type Certificate No. T0724000001Z,which marks a pivotal moment in Scandron’s mission to revolutionize the Indian agricultural sector with cutting-edge drone solutions.
The drone SNDAG010QX8 is a small-category rotorcraft which is specifically designed for agricultural applications. This advanced drone is designed to foster the effectiveness of various farming activities, including spraying fertilizers and pesticides, monitoring crops, surveying fields, and managing livestock.
Scandron's achievement of DGCA certification is also collaborated with the 'Make in India' initiative. They are producing superior quality drones which are specifically catering the needs of the farmers. The company is trying to reduce the dependency of foreign technologies and components, thereby fostering self-reliance in critical technology sectors.
The Director & Promoter of Magellanic Cloud, Joseph Sudheer Reddy Thumma highlighted, “Receiving DGCA certification for our Agri-Drone through Scandron Private Limited is a testament to our commitment to innovation and quality in the agricultural technology sector.”
The certification of the SNDAG010QX8 drone is anticipated to be crucial in the modernization of Indian agriculture. By offering advanced drone solutions manufactured locally, Indian farmers will gain access to tools that improve productivity and sustainability significantly.
The government policies are focusing on transformation of the agricultural sector with the touch of technology is in line with the vision and mission of the company, which is working to increase efficiency and reduce manual labor.
In the forthcoming days, Scandron and Magellanic Cloud will work closely with government bodies to ensure that regulations continue to support innovation while maintaining safety and operational efficiency.
Thumma also added, “We are proud to contribute to the Make in India initiative and look forward to further empowering the agricultural community through transformative technology.”
The company has not opened up with their financial details or production targets for the certified drone model. Their focus is on providing reliable, advanced technology to support Indian farmers.
The incorporation of locally-manufactured drones into agriculture Scandron aims to provide Indian farmers with dependable tools to enhance their farming practices, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and productive agricultural sector in India.